About Us

Urban Radio Group exists to provide custom urban radio production, urban radio imaging, and creative urban music production libraries for urban, chr and gospel radio stations across the country. Our radio production services are offered on a strictly barter basis only. Urban Radio Group offers urban male and female voice-over talents for radio stations that are looking for a unique approach to their urban radio production and urban radio imaging initiatives. Our urban voice over talents can be heard on urban, hip hop, gospel, chr dance along with urban adult and jamming oldies radio stations across the country and internationally.

Urban Radio Group offers cutting edge imaging libraries such as Cut It Up Gospel and Urban Radio Bedz or if you need urban or gospel radio imaging check out the Urban Remixx Imaging package with well-known urban voice over talents Mitch Faulkner, Kenny Caughlin, KD Bowe, Olympia Dicks, Al B Love, Rhonda Nolan, Al Twitty, Mike McKenzie, Alicia Farrow, Anthony Mckinzy, Ed Spiller and more to come.

So you say why Urban Radio Group? It’s simple our production team consists of urban radio producers, gospel musicians and urban voice over talent with over 100 years in gospel music production, urban marketing, urban radio production and urban radio imaging.

Join Urban Radio Groups production team consisting of Executive Producers Paul Avia, Ben Dickerson and Sean D along with our radio production voices, Anthony McKinzy, Courtney Boston, TK, D Mawl, Travis Gales and engage in a production experience that will take your gospel or urban radio station to the next level on a strictly barter basis. Be sure to check out Urban Radio Bedz, Jingle Jamz, and Cut It Up Gospel for your radio production and imaging needs.

What We Do